TimTim is an Australian comedian, contemporary clown, event programmer, actor, educator and entertainer.  He has been performing his unique brand of contemporary comedy for appreciative and ever-widening audiences since starting out over twenty years ago.  His humour appeals to all ages and manages to be edgy, current and crazy at the same time!

TimTim loves surprises – particularly in his own shows – so nothing is ever the same twice. TimTim’s bookings have included: MC and Programmer for KidZone at Melbourne’ famous St Kilda Festival (2006-2013), ‘Party Marty’ on Neighbours (March 2013), Cirque de Soleil Opening Night Party (2007), Kids’ Entertainer at Port Fairy Folk Festival (2013), Comedian for Uni Students O Weeks and Open Days at Latrobe Uni (2011), Deakin Uni (2013, University of Ballarat, Monash Uni (2013) and Monash Uni (2010).  And tons more …

TimTim does events of all types for kids and adults, separately and at the same time. His shows are an eclectic mix of comedy, magic, clowning, fire breathing, stilt walking, balloons of all sorts (even balloon sculptures), giant bubbles that take your breath away, juggling, balancing and more.  He loves to pass on his skills and has worked with kids and adults teaching them clowning and comedy in schools, adult education centres, corporate environments and remedial institutions. You’ll also find him as a clown in TV Commercials, as a Programmer at Festivals, a stand-up comedian in clubs and Superman at kids parties.

TimTim loves to joke around. He never stops. Even at home. He doesn’t need to wear a wig (although he will if you really want) as his big hair is really real and with a bit of ‘product’ can go even crazier. TimTim’s favourite colour is red. You can’t miss him down at the local supermarket in his clashing colours, although you’ll probably be more likely to find him getting involved in community causes when he’s not on stage or MC-ing.  TimTim’s stand-up comedy is current, with a madcap, wild edge. He’s loves to keep in touch on Facebook and will get quite twitchy if parted from his Twitter feed for more than a few hours!

Send him and email to enquire about booking him for weddings, MCing, and family fun!

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